From Those We Give Power 

“Hear our words.” Cry those we’ve given power.

“Hear our message divinely evoked.

We’re the ones you picked to lead forward.

Listen closely, heed the wisdom we speak.”


“Heed not.” The empowered sternly warn us.

“Those who dare question the gospel we preach.

Dismiss with all malice, any message that differs

or actions that would cause you to think.”


“Stand against” Warn the despots who lead us.

“Quell against all we’re against.

We’re the ones who’s words always matter

Especially when they are speaking the truth.”


“Enemy!” Is the clarion call.

When compassionate dissension

suggests peaceful solutions

and threatens to shatter control, tightly held.


“Attack and destroy.” The leaders command.

“Any who would stand in our way.

We’re in control, don’t ever forget that

Now go, and do what we say.”


“It’s your fault.” Wail the once august leaders.

“Look at the destruction you wrought.

You failed us, and left us bereft.

Take the blame, as you justly deserve.


Silence from those we gave power

Gone, those we foolishly ignored

We are left to pick up the pieces

Of a world we nearly destroyed.








My eyes fly through words.

Speed reading dyslexia

Makes reading more fun.

While We Weep


weepWe learn again of yet another tragedy
Of one who combined hatred, violence and guns.
We are helpless in anger and in sorrow,
looking for answers.

While we weep.
While we weep.

How many must we bury before we say enough,
While we blame anything but the true causes of hate?
How can we dismiss the solutions for peaceful coexistence,
Ignoring them?

While we weep.
While we weep.

We’ve turned our fear of others get into an addiction
And consumed divisive calls of pundits, cleric, priest
Guiltless we are not, of these senseless tragedies.
Can we find remorse?

While we weep
While we weep.

How do we begin the task of ceasing hatred using love?
Why does it seem at times, so impossible a task?
We, as a people, a nation a species must learn the way.
To save ourselves.

While we weep
While we weep


2016-06-05 20.04.12Who would have thought that the simple task of painting one’s own toenails would give a stark reminder that not only you not as young as you once were, but what little flexibility, dexterity and visual acuity you had been lost along with your restraint when using profanity. I just discovered that, by not only trying to put polish only on my toe nails, but going for broke and trying to paint a simple tricolor design on them.

What was I thinking?

My first problem is that my toes are now too damned far away. I can get closer to my left foot than my right, thanks to spinal damage. If I try to paint by sitting and bending over, then my slowly….oh so slowly shrinking  food baby and its matching middle-aged grandma double chin, gets in the way. I still  can get a foot up onto the bathroom counter. It’s not pretty and my hips bitch and moan the whole time, but I avoid curved obstructions easier that way. Then I have to tackle issue #2.

I’ve never been all that coordinated. In fact I readily admit that I do lack a coordination gene. I can stumble over thought, and fall down over the ghost of pebbles turned to sand.  I drop everything, pens, glasses, my phone, my food.  If its in my hand, an item’s remaining there for the time allotted is in peril. I also have learned that my artistic skills are best left to crude stick figures, and coloring books. The act of painting polish neatly onto a nail is beyond my skill set. And I was professionally trained! Or at least they tried. I can make either a single color that I wait to dry, then pick off all the overage, or a beautiful mess, with more than one color. Which is caused in part by #3.

I have had horrible myopia since third grade. I can now wear contacts to mostly correct my distance vision, but then a couple of years ago, my close vision decided to take a trip just a bit further than the length of my arm. Ironically, I can see perfectly, if my contacts are out, and any object is no more than five inches from my face. Readers, I now own 4, help with closer activities, like  reading, computer work, texting, Facebook. But there is this no clear vision zone. That is the closest I can get my feet to paint my toes. That means I am painting tiny little dots of nail, in a blur.

If I wasn’t so darned independent and very ticklish I’d get  daughter to paint my toes for me, or rope my darling spouse into it. But not today. Today, I;m just waiting for my brightly colored mess to dry.





Pileated_Woodpecker_m57-4-021_l_1A woodpecker jackhammers for her breakfast

I microwave mine.

I listen to her impassioned rhythm

While I stumble towards the bath.

She begins her day with a song.

Mine? Ten more minutes. please.

Flitting from tree to tree, she hunts for food.

While coffee brews in leisure.

Woodpeckers don’t seem to have bad days.

Unlike most of us.

Mistaking the neighbor’s gutter for wood doesn’t seem to bother her

I wouldn’t take it near as well.

Simple is the life of Lady Woodpecker,

The original headbanger

Rat-a-tat-tats of a small bird, remind me

To take to heart

The simple task of enthusiasm.







Patch of Sky

kites-kids-flying-kites-hzThe kite doesn’t care who holds her string,
She only wants to soar
She basks in sun drenched breezes
That blow upon her face.

A hundred shapes and colors
‘Neath cloudy balls of cotton.
Birds, and bees and sister kites
Share her patch of sky.

The kite knows that her time aloft
Depends on fragile tether.
She watches as a neighbor’s string
Entangles with another.

The wind make kite strings fight
Her sisters hurtle earthward.
Another finds itself
Trapped in nearby branches.

She watches far from danger
What happens down below
The figures on the ground
Soon fill the kite with wonder.

The one that holds her string
Points finger towards the peril
“Hold it tight. Don’t let it go”
Says father to his daughter.

The father helps to save her sisters
And that is when she sees.
That  people down below
Are similar, yet not, like kites.

People come in colors
And a wide array of sizes.
The kite beholds from  lofty perch
A beautiful community

A hundred shapes and sizes
Upon the green hued grass
Trees, and squirrels and each other
They share this place called earth.


Hello, I know its been awhilegaslight

I’ve been thinking of you,

as long as I’m sure you think of me.

I’ve kept tabs, checked things out

because I care, you must see.


You’re doing well, I’ve noticed.

Its as well as can be expected

to see the progress that you’ve made.

You’ve got spunk, always have

Its nice to see that displayed.


My life is beyond terrific.

My accomplishments are many

I’m blessed, so cant help but flaunt

I’m grateful, for my freedom.

You gave me all I want.


But yet you see hardship.

That bothers me, to see

The pain, the demons that you fight

You don’t listen, never would,

When you knew that I was right.


Just, remember, I’m watching

And leave you this advice

Move on, heal yourself, just let go.

Until that random next time

When my presence, I bestow.