The Time is Now: To Talk About Gun Control

Someone tagged me on Facebook with an article from the libertarian web blog the jack news. The piece was written by former presidential candidate Gary Johnson. It was advice on how to have a "proper" conversation on guns after the latest massacre. The phrase that bothered me the most was "after an appropriate time of …



Breathe Remember to simply Exhale, inhale, in, out, again Acknowledge the immediate This moment, right now, the next Hear the quiet, bask, relax, Elusive under the usual tension.  

Sodom and Gomorrah: A Comedy

  Kevin the deity and Abraham ¬†stood on a hill-top looking out over the valley. ¬†Kevin was Abraham's patron deity, having recruited him when Abraham was younger and just embarking on his life of shepherding and occasional con. Kevin offered protection and certain perks, in exchange for obedience and dedication. The relationship, seemed to work, …