The List

I’ve got a list of all the things I need to get done around here. This list does not include the usual everyday type of chores, that I struggle to finish and fail at. No this list is in addition to the normal list that includes laundry, cleaning the bathroom and determining what is that funky smell the kids are complaining about in the fridge. This list is stuff like, Take things to Goodwill, mail a package, find the number for the heating and air guy, make time to get my tires rotated, do six weeks of script editing for our church’s children’s drama. Just stuff that takes time. I’d also like to find time to get back on my exercise bike, as I have fallen completely off the “get into shape” wagon, oh, and come up with something to write about for my column.

And yet what am I doing right now? Drinking cooling coffee while I wait for my breakfast to cook (nuked cheese and sausage grits…yum) and blogging, while I put on my make-up. All that accomplishes is proving that I can multi-task while sitting on my heiny.

Just don’t take my complaining to seriously. I’d far rather have lots to do then little. I get bored quite easily, so having things lined up to accomplish helps stave off that “oh no, nothing to do, what do I do now” feeling. Instead I prefer the “oh no, I got so much to do, what do I do now?” feeling. Yes, I know I am a bit odd.

So, off I go. I think I’ll at least move the bag of charitable stuff from my bedroom to the trunk of my car this morning. It will join the rest of stuff that is already there. Maybe, I’ll manage to finally get my trunk emptied this week, maybe.


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