Rain,Thai food, and new friends

Tonight I braved the weather and went to a local restaurant downtown. If anyone who doesn’t live in Spartanburg SC want a nice quiet place to have a good meal downtown while visiting the area, then I highly recommend the Monsoon Noodle house. If you do live here and haven’t been yet, don’t wait as long as I did to try this great little eatery. I had a Thai dish with some hot jasmine tea to drink, and it was a perfect meal for a rainy October evening. The setting was clean and spacious, the service was prompt and the food presentation was attractive. In fact I commented on how pretty my food looked when it arrived.

Why did I go out tonight? Two reasons. I was long overdue a self induced treat. I got to have a meal, with nary a family member in sight, at some place I’d never tried before. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. I do need to that more often. I found it quite relaxing.

Second was a meet up with other folks who do what I do here in my fair city. Blog. We were a small yet eclectic group. Our topic of conversation ranged from politics, family, to photography, to knitting, to books, to business. One thing was obvious, at least to me. We all seemed to care about one thing in common, making this place we call home better then how we find it now. This is a great place we live, but as in many things it can be better. It was great to share ideas and stories about that very thing.

I look forward to another opportunity to meet with more Spartanburg residents in such a venue, and to take myself out for an evening at a new place to eat. There apparently are some great ones downtown.


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