Keep it, no give it away, no keep it.

Today I helped my daughter go through all her daughter’s baby clothes and do a sort. We had four piles, the toss, the give to one of my friends who is expecting, the give to charity and the keep. If Ashley had had it her way, she would have kept every little Onesie, sleeper and cute little outfit the baby had ever worn. However she knew that the amount of outgrown clothing would only continue to grow if she didn’t do something. Besides she was running out of closet and storage room. She still had a forlorn look on her face when the task was done. Those little outfits represent some wonderful memories, however we had loads of pictures too. They store much more easily.

I am proud of her as she managed to keep a few special little outfits, like the one she wore home from the hospital, and my friend has some really sweet little things for her new baby. It was nice to revisit those favorite outfits and remark on how tiny they were. Helene enjoyed playing with the hangers and storage boxes as we went through her former wardrobe. We both were amazed at how much that little munchkin has grown in the past year.

Now if only we could have that kind of success with all those unmatched socks languishing in my laundry basket.


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