I blame all typos on the following reason

My granddaughter who will be a year old next week, has a favorite toy. My computer. She has been scolded more then once for turning it off. When she disappears for a minute we know just where to find her, in my room, at the desk, trying to bang the keyboard to pieces. She now also knows that the mouse is supposed to be moved around too.

She knows that she can see pictures of animals on the monitor screen, and will ask to see “diddy” (kitty) pictures. She also likes when I play music on the computer.

But try to get any work done, like write my column, do another writing project, check my email or just catch a few minutes of gaming time with her around and knowing I’m at my desk? Forget it. I can’t even ignore the computer and try to pay a bill without her trying to come in and see what Nana is doing. And then of course she wants to “help” by holding down a key, hitting any key at random, or trying to commandeer the mouse.

At least she does the same thing to everyone else sitting in front of their computers as well.


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