It’s the day after Christmas

And I’m still sick! I need to go to work today, even if its just for a few hours, and I am still congested, and really lethargic. Even with antibiotics, Mucinex and loads of tea and vitamins, I am having a really hard time shaking whatever it is that has gotten a hold of me.

I haven’t been out of the house since Saturday night, have spent most of the week on the couch, surrounded by blankets, pillows and used kleenex. I did learn something interesting. If I want to guarantee that I stay awake all night long, take Mucinex right before bed. Works like a charm.

It really sucks to be prone to these respiratory ailments, and boy am I ever. I tried so hard to avoid getting near people who were fighting this version of the annual crud, despite the fact that half my co-workers were dealing with one or more stage of the current bug. At least I managed to hold it off until a week where there wouldn’t be a whole lot going on at work, and at least one extra scheduled off time was in the making. Also my boss, having dealt with this herself, totally understood how I felt and gave me the two extra days off I needed.

Thankfully my lungs are showing every sign of staying put, despite my best efforts to cough them up, and my nostrils don’t scream in protest anymore when I use my prescription nasal allergy spray. So I must be getting better, just not nearly as quickly as I’d like.


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