At last the Meowing has stopped!

Wanna go stark raving mad? Have a adorable half grown kitten enter “womanhood”. Granted our newest feline addition is quite the attention getter, which is why “Drama” is her nickname, but add her going into heat just adds her vying for your undivided attention by a factor of 12.

She would begin by meowing. Not just the normal occasional meows cats usually do, but a high octane sonata usually lasting a minute if not longer in length. If you did see what was up with the singing kitty, meaning it was at an hour when humans are normally awake, then she’d immediately flop over on her belly as if to say. “look at me, ain’t I pretty? Pet me, pat me LURVE me!”

Despite being owned by cats for many years it took us a good couple of weeks to realize what was up. We thought it was the re-occurrence of a recent bout with ear mites. Remember my recent blog on her incessant meowing? Yes either we are that dense, or as Andromeda is on the small size we just didn’t think it was “time” yet. I think it is because we are that dense.

Yesterday we couldn’t stand it anymore. I called Animal Alliance here in Spartanburg and they had an opening for today! She got her little operation, a microchip just in case she makes an escape to the great outdoors, and her booster shots. We used them last year when it was Chernobyll’s turn for rendering her unfit for motherhood. They were very efficient as well as compassionate.

She’s home, still quite playful. In fact as I type, she is effectively blocking the monitor while playing with the flash drive that I have hanging via its lanyard from my desk lamp. It is a favorite game of hers. One thing she is not doing? Meowing every few hours for no apparent reason. Now maybe we can get some sleep around here.


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