I need to turn the blowtorch onto low

Yes, I’ve been burning both ends of my candle with a blowtorch again. But let me explain. I have work, I have a column to write, I have lines to learn for a drama thing, I have a toy strewing toddler underfoot, I have a house in desperate need of cleaning, and I have a child getting married in two weeks. That means that next Sunday my house needs to be company ready for a bridal shower, and that we need to help Ashley get her and Helene’s things all packed and moved, as well as finish getting Helene’s room painted before hand.

My bod gave me a warning last week, by throwing out my back. It enforced a temporary slowdown physically. I gave myself three days, to recoup. Yeah I know its not enough, but it will have to do for a couple of weeks. At least my chiropractor is definately added to my go visit list more frequently then usual right now.

Oh wait, gotta go. I just discovered that the toddler has happily emptied the contents of my purse.


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