14 days and counting

In just two weeks, well actually less as today is nearly over, so lets say 13 and a half, one of my kids will be saying “I do” as she marries her sweetie. It is just a very simple civil ceremony but MAN do we have so much to do, like get all her stuff packed up as well as the toy strewing toddler’s.

Tomorrow is her bridal shower. We have 15 confirmed people planning on showing up, to enjoy punch, treats and watching Ashley open up presents. My living room is small, so it will be a tight fit. However I think a good time will be had by all.

Tonight we are going to do some food prep, and work to get the house company ready. The bride to be has a horrible cold, and we have dosed her up with healthy doses of medicine, and she is commanded to rest and only do minor picking up.

If I am distracted, grumpy or irritable in the next few weeks, forgive me. Life is rather busy at the moment.

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