Technology rockS!

So, we had lots of rain, followed by four inches of snow. Now for here in the south four inches of snow is a big deal. Last evening our power flickered off and on for several hours before giving up for good about 12:30.

This morning I got out our old kerosene heater, and proceeded to wake up the entire family as it kept setting off the smoke detector. Snarly looks greeted me soon after. I then called Duke Power and was informed that I should have power about 5pm.

So now what to do? We have no internet, no heat, no electricity. I needed to do laundry, turn in a project, and really needed to muck out the fridge. Instead we took the toddler outside for a brief snow laden foray. Then we later moved cars from the back yard. They were placed there yesterday to make room for some guests. After making the backyard a mush pit, we decided to build a snowman.

Close to five, I called Duke Power again. Now they said, “The time your power will be restored is undetermined”. Oh oh. So we loaded up the little one and went to Ashley’s fiancee’s townhouse for showers and so mommy and baby could stay somewhere warm. When we were almost there, we got the call, that the lights were back on.

So now I am catching up on all the things I missed, like heat (toes still frozen), what is going on at Facebook and the other sites I frequent. I’d be doing laundry, but the youngest beat me to the washing machine. I am just glad I don’t have to use that kerosene heater anymore. Those things scare me, and I wasn’t looking forward to having to leave it on all night.

So I went 18 hours with a few things I take for granted. Please don’t ask me to do it again anytime soon.


One Reply to “Technology rockS!”

  1. Can you imagine what they did before electricity and electric heaters? Isn’t it sad how dependent we have become on technology, cell phones, internet….on and on! What did we ever do before they were invented! LOL


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