Wait just a minute here

Was I dreaming or did we have four inches of snow on the ground just last week? Did my power then go out for 48 hours and my house get on the frosty side of chilly that evening? Did I struggle to keep a kerosene heater at a high enough level to add some warmth to the house, but not so high that it set of my smoke detector?

I wonder that because today it is 84 absolutely gorgeous degrees outside. My air conditioner is running, and I put a short sleeve t-shirt and shorts on my granddaughter so she could play outside.

I hope that I don’t wake up next Monday to a completely different weather scenario, but I won’t be surprised if I do. After all that is Spring here in the south.

2 Replies to “Wait just a minute here”

  1. We have also had just really weird weather! Saturday and Sunday it almost got to 80° here too. Yesterday and this morning were 30s, but this afternoon it felt like 60°?? Who knows……I think this is the reason so many are getting so sick this season!


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