I is a Mommy In Law

Today my daughter and her fiance stood before a probate judge in a tiny courtroom and said their vows while their family stood by snapping photos as quick as the batteries would let the cameras recharge.

We all dressed up some, the bride, groom and their little daughter the most to celebrate this momentous occasion. The ceremony only took a few moments, there was no music or fanfare, just two people obviously in love declaring their love and commitment to each other. It was perfect.

My daughter was decidedly nervous before the event, as she realized that she was jumping headfirst into the world with out the mommy/daddy net, but once she stood by her new husband it was obvious she was sure she made the right choice. In fact neither of them could stop grinning at each other.

I am now sitting in her former bedroom, gathering up what few items remain to be packed up to move to her new home, as I sit at my computer. Yes, not even married a day and her old room is now my new office. It is still a work in process, but once done this room will be a nice guestroom/office space. At least I beat her daddy to the room, he’ll just have less of a space to turn into his man cave.

Congratulations Derek and Ashley, Mom and dad are proud of your both.


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