My new office

My daughter hasn’t even been gone a week and already her former bedroom is now my new office. Yes, as soon as the “I Do’s” were said and we all went home, I was making the space once occupied by Ashley’s and Helene’s stuff mine…all mine.

The nearly empty closet will soon house much of the stuff that was crowding my closet. Stuff like storage boxes full of paper records that my husband just refuses to let me throw out, and other various sundry junk so I can actually have room to store my shoes in my own closet.

I am also on the hunt for a nice file cabinet and a bookshelf, and maybe even a combination of both, so I can upgrade from the crappy plastic file box and beat up metal bookshelf I possess now.

My bedroom now has more space and looks more like a bedroom instead of the family stuff catch all. I still have things to do but I see progress. My youngest gave me a couple of frame photos for my birthday, I’ll figure out where to put them later.

All this activity is helping me not miss the two people who no longer live here as much. It sure is quiet without them here so much.

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