Fun with zip files.

I shot some video using a borrowed camera last weekend of my daughter Ashley’s wedding. There wasn’t much footage as the ceremony was quite brief, but there was enough that it was enough to work with.

After talking it over with Michael, my eldest we decided to send him the video files so he could edit it into something worth having and sharing. There was a small problem, the three files, or three scenes were too large to email normally. That meant I needed to condense them. He suggested the software to download and I was off…or so I thought. The first try just made a same sized copy of the sizes, so another session with Michael, who by the way does this sort of thing daily for a living.

He then suggested some parameters to use which would make those files work just perfectly. There was only one small problem. Do you realize when you are looking at condensing kilobytes a couple of zeros on your parameter setting can make a huge difference in your outcome? Well now my new copy of those three original video files has been fragmented into 69,000 files. Yes you read it right, a six followed by a nine nine followed by three zeros! He messed up on the conversion and told me the wrong parameters. OOPS!

Do you know how long it takes to delete 69,000 unwanted fragmented video files? When I find out, I’ll let you know. Then I’ll try to zip those original files again.

3 Replies to “Fun with zip files.”

  1. Once my friend told me story about his zip files. He couldn't restore theirs. Unfortunately yesterday I was in similar condition. I used the Google and noticed an interesting blog. To my surprise I found out – zip file fix there. It finished my problems quite easy and beautiful:)


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