just an hour at the park

Today I ran a few errands then took little Helene to Cleveland Park. I’d never been there myself, but she has, as some of the photos I’ve been given show. I was pleasantly surprised what a pretty place it is, and look forward to doing a bit of exploring minus someone with extremely short legs. It is very well maintained and has a lot to offer from what I see.

The play area was quite neat and clean. There were two sections, one for larger children and one for smaller tykes complete with the biggest sandbox I’d ever seen. Seriously cool. If only I was a kid again…..There was also plenty of grassy area for kids to run, and little creek along one edge. What a great setting.

Helene watched the other kids play for awhile, then I put her on the swing. That is where she spent the rest of our time, as she didn’t want to get off the thing. After about 45 minutes of swinging walking around, looking hard at the slide but not being quite brave enough to try going down one, swinging her little heart out,Helene’ was starting to get tired. Sure enough, she didn’t protest being picked up and set back into her car seat. In fact as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, that certain droopy eyed look was present. By the time we passed Spartan Regional Hospital she was in lala nap land.

Someone told me there was another playground in Converse Heights. I will take her there soon, and this time I’ll remember to pack a picnic lunch for the two of us.


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