how fast they grow.

My granddaughter was over this morning, and I was amazed at how much more she can do. It seems that every week, she is learning a new word or skill. She knows exactly where toddler appropriate foods are stored, where all her toys are kept, that Pappy is who she gets to talk to on my cell phone, and that the little drawer on the tv stand in my office is where we keep her play jewelry. Also her hugs have developed to “guaranteed to melt your heart” status.

Little Helene’ is becoming quite the mimic. She very much enjoyed “helping” me apply eyeshadow and know just where it goes, it is only in the actual application that she hasn’t mastered. But my forehead did get some pretty colors on it. She will sit and let you paint her fingernails and toe nails, and loves my blush brush. Yes, she’s becoming quite the girly girl.

What made me laugh today was her discovery of a travel size bottle of Ban deodorant left over from my recent trip to Charleston (side note, GO to that city, take the sailboat tour, you won’t regret it) Anyway, as I watched, that kid was trying to figure out how to get the roll-on under her shirt in the general direction of her armpit.

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