allergy rant….again

Ok, I knew allergies were kicking my tail, but not how bad. I failed an asthma test today, the doc refused to give me my allergy shots because I was wheezing, and he changed all my medicine because apparently my intermittent asthma has now progressed, or downgraded to more persistent symptomatic asthma…crap, was afraid of that. I have to wait until Monday to get my allergy shots and then go back to see the doc in three weeks to see if the meds are doing their job.

No wonder I have been so damned exhausted all the time, and have the energy of a turnip that has sat in the fridge too long. I apologize for my increased grumpiness and decreased brain clarity.

On the plus side these new medications should be a bit easier on my wallet, and hopefully open up my lungs so I can do what so many take for granted..breath freely. I want to be Supergirl, able to toss back, with a laugh, all those things that puny frail humans have to endure, being immune to any ailments. But no, I am one of those puny humans…really puny…curses!

Now where’s that inhaler?


One Reply to “allergy rant….again”

  1. I totally feel you. I have always had seasonal allergies, but have been developing food allergies over the past few years, on top of the fact that the shampoo and conditioner I’ve used for a while has started breaking me out. I saw an allergist for the first time, and they think I have developing signs of asthma. They did the allergy test on my back and my allergist, no joke, said,”You are allergic to walking around, living.” They’d have to do a shot in both arms once a week for over a year, and start me at a lower dose than normal because I reacted so badly.I hope things get better for you and hope things aren’t getting much worse. This has been a horrible allergy year.Sorry. I ranted about allergies on your blog, too.


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