Renovation Update

Now that the painters are done, my house is no longer a continual shade of boring beige, that is if you ignore the carpet. I am well pleased with the results, and am slowly beginning the step of putting the pictures back on the walls.

We hung one of those large mirror/medicine cabinets in the master bathroom, and that was an adventure in it self. As large as the trunk of my Intrepid is, it is not large enough for the box that unit came in. Bill had to go home and get the pick-up to bring that monster home. It took a couple more trips to Lowes but it was installed and looks wonderful. A huge bonus is the increased amount of lighting in that bathroom, as the cabinet has six lights. We got the florescent bulbs, being the energy savvy peeps that we are. The only problem was finding the proper size as our unit takes the kind with skinny screw in parts. And they are not exactly cheap.
Yesterday I had my new microwave installed. Again my Intrepid almost failed me. But the new unit did squeeze into the back seat when I went to pick it up. It took the guys from Above and Beyond about an hour to install, and I was ready to nuke frozen burritos. Yes that is what I had for dinner last night.
Bill had researched microwaves and had picked this particular LG model. One of my favorite features so far is the light, that has a high and low setting. The low setting is almost like a night light. I will enjoy figuring out all the features.
When Bill gets home next time I hope to have him help me hang all the pictures and get all the paint cans out of my dining room. I just can’t bring myself to brave Spider Central which is my crawl space and where we store stuff like extra paint.

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