Stuff! Stuff! Gimme!

Ah the latest chapter in the saga of freebies to Sylvie that began innocuously enough with a product brand name being mentioned in my weekly column over at the To catch you guys up, here is what has happened thus far.

I mentioned that product, a famous brand of toilet paper, one time in a story I had written about toilet paper and the fact that I suspect my kids of using it for nefarious reasons. Why did I think that? Because it disappeared from my house so quickly. Several months later I was contacted by a marketing firm representing this particular product asking me if I would be interested in test trying a new version of the brand. Sure, I replied, its free tp.
So I get the free stuff, test it, generally like it, and sent my responses back including the asked for blog review. I also got a bonus product as a “gift” for trying. Part of that gift was a room freshener thingie that my daughter Megan really liked. It too got a mention in that review blog.
So a couple of weeks ago, I am yet again contacted from a marketing firm asking if I would like to test out a new version of the freshener stuff. More free stuff for me. Today it came via the people in brown shorts. Inside the box was a bottle of the product with a nifty gym bag and water bottle. Yeah this stuff is sports/exercise related. I guess they haven’t seen the dust gathering on my pilates DVD.
So…this got me to thinking. If by a random mention of a certain product in a blog that has, that I know of NINE regular readers, what can happen if I mention stuff I’d really like to try, like Godiva chocolate? Prada? MAC make-up? Tiffany’s? BMW? OOO…think of the possibilities.
Now to find some really smelly sneakers. That should be a challenge since I have no sense of smell.

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