A little Self Improvement

So I want to be a better writer, and am exploring ways to do so. I went to the library today to see about a book that had been suggested to me. Of course they didn’t have a copy on hand, so I reserved one. But in the meantime I found several others on writing styles for a few different genres, including my current one.

One of my dreams is to be published more broadly or to write a book. The longest thing I’ve ever written was a term paper way back in high school and it was just about eight pages long. Writing a longer format would be a whole new adventure for me.
I wouldn’t mind looking into freelance writing but I realize that I likely need more practice and insight on different writing formats, as well as trying to finally defeat the run on sentence monster. One thing writing a weekly column has done has taught me to be a better self editor and to work at thinking a bit more creatively when putting sentences or phrases together. I am learning, albeit slowly, to find new ways to say something, without having to use the same sort of phrasing in every piece I write. I have looked back at some of my earlier writings before I started Miss Mom and in the year since Miss Mom’s debut and I have seen improvement, but I can always do better.
One thing I find a fun challenge is to use a word that I haven’t used before, or don’t use that often and have it relevant to the topic. It isn’t always possible to do so, but I can try.
Taking a class on writing isn’t in my financial or time budget right now, but I’d like to find more input somewhere to gaining stronger writing skills. I’ll start with these books by my bed and work from there.

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