a day without kids

You know you are in need of a break when you look forward to a day to clean the house, knowing that there will be no little person around undoing all your work. That will be the case today. Helene’, the toy strewing toddler, will be spending the day at her other grandparents, and her mommy and I will be celebrating that brief freedom by going grocery shopping, and cleaning the house. I will also take some time to do Ashley’s hair, something she’s asked me to do. Yippee!

One forgets how much time and energy it takes to do anything around the house with a toddler constantly underfoot. You pick up a room, turn around and see things strewn throughout. It is like living in a vortex of toys that magically appear continually. Shopping is even harder, as one has to take the kid out of a car seat, find the grocery cart with the little car in front and the steering capacity of an ocean liner, try to avoid any section of that store that may contain something that she just have to have, deal with the temper tantrum when you tell her, that no, she doesn’t need whatever it is she has spied, check out, then load everything back into a car. It’s exhausting I tell you.

We’ve made out our list, planned our agendas and are ready to call Ashley’s in laws to inform them of Helene’s arrival time. We just can’t seem to be able to get out of our pajamas yet.


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