woo NO!

So I get a new webcam, and will be posting my first video here as soon as the darn thing decides to load. As I was testing it out I decided to try out video chatting, something I think will be handy for talking with family far away. I was downloading one of those instant messenger services I never use, when Megan found one called Woome.com. There was no downloading required just your basic sign on stuff that included user name, age, email and password. We tested the video chat format and I then logged out of the site.

One thing immediately bothered me about Woome. The first was that I hadn’t been signed up to the account when I started to get invites from perfect strangers, all men. Granted, my blog, my facebook and twitter accounts and my column puts me somewhat in the public eye, and video blogging will add some to that, and I expect occasional feedback from new people. That is a good thing, as I know that people are actually reading what I write. What I did not like was chat invites five minutes after I had signed up for service.

Then this morning I get two emails from family members asking me about a video I had sent them. After a WTF moment, mostly because I was waiting on my first cuppa, I remembered that I had yet to upload a video to anything yet, AND I hadn’t asked anyone to view anything either. I also had received several emails saying that people had accepted my invite to Woome. I hadn’t invited anyone either. What I deducted is that Woome took my email and proceeded to send things to my entire list. I immediately unjoined Woome. And passed word that I had wanted everyone to join me as part of the Woome network.

 For video chatting, I will be using something more proven and content controllable like Yahoo messenger. I am not a big fan of instant messaging services, but they have their place. This will be a lesson learned about doing just a bit more background checking before signing up to a new networking format. I don’t mind recommending websites, I also do not mind recommending staying far away from one, that is unless you like things like Woome has to offer. I have to give it a enthusiastic thumbs down.


One Reply to “woo NO!”

  1. Yeah Sylvie. I can't believe this site took my contacts many of which are business contacts and emailed them to have a look at my video. I got many calls and emails wondering what was up. Now all my contacts think I'm looking at a sex cam site probably.


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