Making a Move

I have finally made the decision that I have put off for over a year, and have moved my blog to a WordPress format. I had a good run with Blogger, but I continually had issues anytime I tried to upgrade a feature. Plus blogger was a bit slow in forwarding to sites like Facebook, or Buzz. Hopefully I can make things work even better here at my new location. Of course any helpful hints, suggestions for improvements are welcome. Also I will be rebuilding my blogroll, and great websites to visit, hopefully in a better format then I had available at my old location.

Both sites will be linked for some time as I transition everything and traffic starts to find its way here. Please bookmark my new link, and if you so desire leave a comment.

One Reply to “Making a Move”

  1. Welcome to WordPress. As one of your new readers, it is a pleasure to read your blog. I like both of your poetry posts but I must say I liked Colander’s Masquerade the best! Keep creating! Cheers!


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