Some time on my hands

Yesterday officially ended my semester at Converse College. I have taken my last final, handed in my last paper…well until February when things start back up for me again. That means, for the first time in several months, I have extra time on my hands. I had experienced a few weeks break between my summer semester and my fall one, but I had so much going on personally, I never really noticed it.

I have a list of things I’d like to get to over the next several weeks. But I think that I will serve myself well, but using this gift of a few extra hours a day to just breathe.  It is nice to get to slow down now and then, so you can restore the remnants of your sanity, and to catch up on a neglected project or two, before jumping back into the fray. I know a lot of people who are extremely busy, much busier then I am, and I feel that they often feel the strain.  I guess that is what vacations are all about. Even though I will still be working, the break from school will be very much like a vacation. I plan on enjoying every minute.




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