Letter to Santa

Ok, I have decided. I am going to send Santa a Christmas wish list for my very own. Who says that children get to have all the fun making out a very long detailed list of all the things they’d like to get?So here goes, some will be the usual practical things, others will be things that are just plain ridiculous but I want them anyway.

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas wish list for this year.

1. A Working pen. I want to be able to pick up a pen, and when I do it works, without making a mess on my hands or the paper, and allows ink to be distributed evenly every time.

2. Socks. Yes socks. I never have enough, never can find them to match when I want them to. And while you at it, get me the kind that stay where I put them. I hate putting on a pair and they slide down around my ankles, or worse yet, wearing those little short socks and they disappear into my shoe.

3. A Self cleaning kitchen;  Surely Santa someone has invented one of those by now. Is it too much to ask for dishes to set themselves into the dishwasher and then into the cupboards once cleaned for the fridge to automatically divest itself of all foodstuffs that have passed their edible state, for floors to repel dirt right into a self emptying trashcan? If you have one of those, I want it!

4. Potato chips. I want to be cured of my love of plain salty potato chips. That silly old commercial is right, you can’t eat just one, chip that is. I can knock off half a bag without realizing it, unless I put some chips into a bowl and walk away from the bag….Ok scratch that idea Santa, I want a case of potato chips.

5. Warm feet. Lets face it, When my feet get cold, I am cold, and my feet stay cold in the winter. There is no way around it. I sure would like for a way to for my toesies to stay toasty all winter long.

6. A lotion that actually works. I have a wide variety of lotions, and still my skin has the capacity to make a lizard blush with envy. Can you send a tube or vat of something that actually works?

7. Success. For myself, for my daughter, and for all other people’s sons and daughters as they seek to further their education. While you are at it Santa, how bout seeing if you can talk some of those government like people around the world into making education a bigger priority then war?

8. Safety. For families, for children especially. I know this is a bigger gift then my imaginary self cleaning kitchen, but would it be possible for you to send us a way to end hunger, to end violence against women and children, especially children? Is it also possible that you impart the wisdom of valuing children for the most precious gifts that they are? I don’t doubt that your heart breaks knowing that and seeing kids living in fear, in pain, in poverty, in violence, in hopelessness. Surely there is a solution in that big bag of yours.

9. Respect. This one is personal. I want to be more respectful for others, and to demonstrate a more respectful manner wherever I go. There is too little of that going around these days. There seems to be a lot of lining up sides, talking bad about people who look at things differently, and some downright meanness towards others that just doesn’t need to be.  I don’t like it one bit.  We need a lot more nice around here, and I’d like to help with making that happen. Maybe, if you have enough to spare, you could put some of that in everyone’s stocking. It might make the upcoming year a little more peaceful and enjoyable.

As you can see my list isn’t long, dear Santa, but I also know that I probably can’t get everything on that list. If I must only do with one or two of what I wish, then the last two items will do just fine.

Love Sylvie

One Reply to “Letter to Santa”

  1. I agree with your wish list…all good wishes(points). It’s great to see someone who is able to articulate what I personally think about respect. I echo your wish for a lotion that actually works 🙂
    Have a blessed Christmas and a great new year!


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