Slather it on.

I wrote in my column which I also posted here my little wishlist for Santa. On that list was a wish for a lotion that worked. You see for some reason I have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter. I don’t know why that is the case. It is possible that the medications that I take for my allergies and asthma may play a part but I just don’t know for sure. I just know that it is barely into winter and my skin is so dry that it is somewhat uncomfortable. To make things even more interesting, I think that I am beginning to have some sensitivity to some ingredients in lotions and cleansers for the face, and what I have been using just isn’t working.

I’ve used Avon products for a few years for my face and until recently they haven’t been a problem with helping me combat dryness. Before then I had tried several brands, from the bargain to the department store, with varying results. Now it seems no matter how much of the current lotion that I own is put on, my skin still is patchy and dry, and yesterday was irritated enough that I just couldn’t bring myself to put on make-up.

My feet and legs are very dry as well. I did start using Avon’s foot works lotion, the really thick kind last night and then used Bath and Body works, Lay it on Thick, this morning. They do feel better. However neither of those products will work for my face. It is irritating to my skin.

My hands are a lost cause, because of how much time I spend with them in water, wearing powdered gloves, and in contact with hair products. They get lotioned at least five times a day. At work I am using a Gold Bond product. I am not all that sure it is helping all that much. We will not mention the state of my cuticles, or that my fingertips are just rough enough to have me wonder if I can cause a snag on a soft material. I have some Bath and Bodyworks samples that I should switch out and see if they work better. I already know the Lay It On Thick brand I used on my feet is not quite enough to deal with all the abuse my hands suffer on a daily basis.

I have used Eucerin cream before with pretty good success, even on my face when things were bad, And I used to use a Mary Kay product called Extra Emollient Night Cream on my face in winter. It is actually a hand creme, but it worked at keeping the patchy, scaly, itchiness on my face, at bay. Of course I have neither product at this time. Then there is the downside in the fact that both of these products tended to be a bit heavy, especially on my face, meaning I had that extra moist look for awhile. I tended to only use them at night. Day time? Only if I wanted my foundation to slide right off.

In the meantime I continue to slather on whatever I have on hand in the silly hope that what I am using will help, knowing that it is just barely keeping my skin at only quasi-lizard state. I am just frugal enough that I want to use up what I have first before venturing into something new, especially if I am not sure it will work. I already do a lot of the things that are suggested for dry skin sufferers, like using liquid soaps instead of bar, drinking lots of water, eating healthy. It just isn’t enough. I just wonder if there is the perfect moisturizer out there that will fit into my budget, while it leaves my skin smooth, and supple, not dry, and not greasy looking. Is there such a thing? My quest will continue.


One Reply to “Slather it on.”

  1. Part of my face are really dry right now, as well as my hands. I have eczema which is another problem in itself that causes much of the same issues.

    I used to put baby oil on after I showered in the morning. Your pores are open after a warm-hot shower and they soak up the oil faster. In the winter, you wear pants and long sleeves anyway, so it’s not like your slightly greasy arms and legs rub all over everything. In the last couple years, I’ve used Bath and Body works stuff. My skin has stayed pretty hydrated, but my hands and face still have problems. Parts of my face, around my nose mostly, are a tad on the oily side, but all around my hairline is dry. I can’t seem to find a lotion that makes it go away completely. I’ve been using Biore face lotion with no oil in it but it’s not helping the dry patches. Luckily, I gave myself bangs a couple months ago, so it hides most of the problem, as annoying as it still is.

    One thing I’d suggest for your hands and feet…When my hands are really bad, covered in eczema, I put on creme and then put on cotton gloves. I have prescription stuff now for the eczema, but for dry skin I used to use Vaseline or even Neosporin, slathered on before bed with some cotton gloves. I also did the same with my feet, putting socks on after slathering them and it helped a lot.


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