Fun With Snow

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So, the obvious thing that has happened in the past day or two is that a whole lot of white stuff fell from the sky followed by a bit of clear but highly slippery stuff, which turned our area into a white winter wonderland. Looking at Facebook, most were pretty happy with the snow and posted pictures of their pets or kids braving the weather. Most people had the wisdom to stay home, and those who had to brave the slippery roads had my respect and wishes for a safe journey.

Now that we are stuck with this stuff, the question arises of what to do with it until it melts, and our cars find themselves in dire need of a hosing off. There is the obvious things one can do with snow for fun and enjoyment, such as packing it into little balls and throwing it at each other, or taking an object and sliding down a snow covered hill on it.

As we here in the south are not used to snow, we are often a bit over-whelmed by it so don’t really know that it actually has some interesting uses. Little kids can use snow to lose hats and gloves, much to the chagrin of their mothers. Older kids build snowmen and forts, borrowing things, not quite asked for to use as decorations. Most of us grown-ups enjoy watching it fall, are thankful if we get a day off of work, reminisce about what we did when we were kids and it snowed, and pray that it’s all gone by morning.

My friends from places north of us find our situation somewhat amusing. They have a lot more experience with snow, and have mentioned to me more then once that they don’t understand why we get all frantic when snow does manage to arrive. They even know of some really interesting, and often practical uses for snow. One of my friends lives in Canada. Being well familiar with snow, she and a couple of other friends had all sorts of suggestions of what one can do with snow. Granted we will likely never get the amounts of snow that would make these suggestions common, but seeing how much we have and the likely hood it will stay here a few days, who knows?

So without further ado, here are 12 fun and practical things you can do with snow.

1.Use buckets of melted snow to flush toilets with in case the power goes out. (works only if you are on a well that needs an electric pump)

2. you can write your name on snow…..the art space for the writing or drawing are endless as well as the medium one can use to write or draw with. There is however the possibly will get you arrested if you “write” at the wrong time and place and with a certain “writing tool.”.

3. Use it for water in case the pipes freeze.

4. Fresh snow makes for quick slushies for fancy frozen cocktails. No need to get out the blender.

5. Make a “booboo bunny”. Get snow put in ziplock bag and you have an instant ice pack for scraped knees and elbows, or that black eye you got from showing off on the sled in front of your kids.

6. Snow can help with frostbite, if caught early, put it on the affected area by adding hydration. A remedy to use until you get to the hospital.

7. you can dribble maple syrup on snow and it hardens into candy

8. You can pour wine into a bowl then put it outside in the snow and in the morning scoop out the frozen water .. which freezes at higher temps than the alcohol, and what is left is distilled brandy.

9. you can use a blob of snow on freshly spilled paraffin from a candle or canning .. to freeze it and get the wax out of carpets and off tablecloths easier.

10. if the power goes out, and there is snow on your deck. You can set food into cooler then into the snow to keep it cold, but not frozen.

11. You can in some instances use snow on something that is malodorous. Cold often takes out odors . Some folks put clothing in a freezer to accomplish this. Setting thing out to air on a snowy back deck may work just as well.

12. Don’t forget that if you toss your brewski’s in the snow it doesn’t take long for them to chill. Just don’t bury them all the way into the snow, or after that third beer, you’d have a very hard time finding them. Non beer drinkers can do the same thing with canned or bottled sodas. Will keep them nicely chilled.

Enjoy the snow we have while it lasts everyone.


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