Wax Me Not

Word of advice, heed your own warning signals. Don’t ignore them or try to explain them away as something else. Don’t do what I did.

Being asthmatic and having oodles of things that I am allergic to, I am usually a bit cautious when I have a reaction to things. Because of what I do for a living, I am exposed daily to aerosols and other chemicals that my lungs are less then fond of. Lacking a sense of smell, I have no idea whether it is the products themselves or the scents, produced by a combination of substances that are a problem, but I do know that I have growing sensitivity issues.

I am also more sensitive to products that come in direct contact with my skin. Some things irritate my already dry skin, and my face is particularly touchy. Many moisturizing products do far less then advertised, but if I don’t moisturize, my face is dry, cracked and miserable. I sometimes just put straight up baby oil on my face after a shower. It works, for those times that nothing else does, and I’m not greasy.

So I should have known better when I decided to get some waxing done. The last two times I had my eyebrows and lip wax, I had experienced some irritation, but they were minor, so I ignored the warning signs of what was to come. This last time I decided to go for broke and get my chin area done as well as the fuzzy area between my eyebrows and the little fuzzy fu man chu’s over my upper lip. My co-worker did my entire chin-line and the rest. It was a first to have that area waxed, but I thought it would be nice to be fuzz free,and to get to have a rest from tweezing out those annoying stiff hairs that seemed to grow two inches over night.


First of all, waxing to me is not the most pleasant of experiences. Lisa was quite gentle, but waxing, at least to me stings quite a bit. I have always been a bit pink afterwards, but this time I remained a little brighter pink even after I got home several hours later. By that night it was starting to itch, by morning, evey spot that wax had touched was irritated very itchy and rashed over. Forget wearing make-up the next day.

So now three days have passed. I still have a rash, but it is beginning to abate as well as the chronic itching. Now more waxing for me. I learned a valuable lesson, to stop ignoring the warning signs my body is sending me, especially obvious ones that I had been given, and written off so casually. I may try sugaring, as you can make a home-made concoction. How well it works, I don’t know yet, but my daughter Ashley and are curious about and willing to try. Until then it looks like I am destined to be chasing unwanted hairs with tweezers for the rest of my life.


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