Above all, love

You may have noticed a new logo that now appears on my blog. It is a logo to a new group called ThruWay Christians. The brain child of John Shore, who’s blog also appears on my blogroll. ThruWay Christians is a group for people who feel that they don’t quite mesh with either spectrum of Christianity. Right now the group is just getting off the ground, but membership is growing, and it seems like the forums will be a great place to discuss a variety of topics in a setting that allows for peaceful discourse. It is shaping up to be something quite different, and I am delighted to be a part of the men and women who make up the group.

I did mention that the group is different. One of the ways is that there is large support for people in the LBGT community, for women and men who have suffered abuse from spouses, discussions on the spectrum of theology and some of the harmony we can see between different faiths, for people wanting to be unique people of Christ yet feel they can’t be honest because they have friends or family who’s religious views are less then tolerant of something a bit out of the box. From what I can see, ThruWay seeks to discuss, with love and respect some of those issues that many don’t feel that they can discuss openly and without a fight breaking out. It is the groups intent to prove that people can champion some of those “controversial” causes and do so in a way that is the opposite of some of the things we see in Christianity.

ThruWay’s motto is “above all, love”. It is a wonderful mentality to emulate and the principle upon which this group is founded. This group is not for everyone, naturally, as God, in His infinite wisdom has made people so completely unique in how they approach the concept of the divine, even in the faith I adhere to. Even so it is a very interesting undertaking, and one I hope to see grow and succeed.


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