And then there were four

Miko, looking quite elegant
My kids have predicted that when I get older that I will be known in family circles as “the crazy cat lady”. The thing is, they are trying to help make that prediction come true. Luna-tic was given to me as a Mother’s day present. Chernobyll was rescued by my older daughter and my ex. Rajah, more commonly known as Hellcat, was given to me by that same daughter because she could manage two small children and one small cat, not two small children a small cat and her wild brother. Now Miko, Hellcat’s sister has come to live with me as well.

The move for Miko is supposed to be only temporary, as Ashley can’t take the cat with her. They will be moving to Kentucky for about a year until her husband’s contract with the Army ends. Finding a pet friendly place to rent is proving to be more problematic then letting Miko stay with me. Ashley and I both had agreed that sending Miko to the shelter was not an option. If she didn’t find a home, then I’d take the cat. It was agreed with me not even attempting to put up a fight that I would board Miko while they are gone. Yes, you do see “Give the Cat to Me” written quite clearly on my forehead. I need to remove that labeling.

Ashley’s little girl was quite upset that we were taking her kitty to live with me. She doesn’t understand that this is for the best, and that Miko will be here with me for Helene to visit at any time, or that she will probably get Miko back when they return to Spartanburg. She’s only three. Still the tears shed, and the sad little parting brought tears to her mother’s and her aunt’s (who did the actual transporting) eyes. Miko, once arriving here, promptly began her campaign for her quest for the position of top cat. Thus far she is giving Hellcat a run for his money, and its only been a few hours. The other two older ones are waiting quietly to see how things pan out, before tossing in their own opinions.

So now I “reign” over a house of one college student, four cats, two littler boxes, and enough litter and cat food to keep most of the residents happy. I have reached my limit. Four is quite enough. Yes it’s twice my former limit of just two cats and no more then two cats. Technically I still work within the limits of twos. I just now have two pairs of cats.


2 Replies to “And then there were four”

  1. I’m sorry but I see a pattern. It is not your children it is more like one….namely “Oldest Daughter” who is forcing the cat lady status on you. 🙂


  2. I resent any commentary made against me to smear my good name in the attempts of entertainment! Lets us not forget Pounce, he was left with mom as well and I had no hand in that making, and what about Andromeda *coughcoughmegan, who our poor mother nursed until she was welcomed into kitty heaven. 🙂


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