Study Mode

In the quest to write something clever with no clear sign of any working brain cells (I think I burned them all out again), I came up with the following.

I am currently sitting at my desk, ignoring an study outline I have been studying for an exam on Wednesday. Ok, I can’t actually see the study outline, because Chernobyll is sitting on it. She prefers sitting on my papers or positioned in front of my keyboard where I literally have to reach around or under her. She likes it there, with her head tucked under my chin as I try to see what I am typing, or at least correct the many mistakes my awkward hand positioning produces.

I, like college students all over Spartanburg County are hurtling headlong to the end of the semester. All of us have deadlines looming and are feeling the beginnings of panic as we realize that we only have a few short weeks to get all those projects completed and turned in before finals. Then we get to take final exams.

At about this time in the semester, I ask myself “What was I thinking when I decided to go back to college?” As I’ve had three semesters since my return to school, you’d think I’d know the answer to that by now. I’ve not had near enough rest lately and my poor crooked back is suffering the results, plaguing me with muscle spasms. Which is why I am also using a heating pad. I just realized how old this thing is. I think it predates at least two out of three kids. Putting a new heating pad on my next shopping list may be a good idea,

I do know why I took on this endeavor called “going for my degree.” A good part of it has to do with that troubling back issue. I’ve had problems with it for a long time, and I’ve kept my chiropractor on my often called list for years. As I’ve gotten older, I find that I snap back less easily then I used to, and the issues tend be symptomatic for longer periods. I know that my career as a hairdresser will be coming to a close sooner or later because of that back, and my asthma, so I am planning ahead. I want to have something in place, and my degree choice will hopefully allow for that, and for me to have fun while doing something new.

In the meantime I prepare for my post current career future and am slogging along with my classmates towards that far away goal of a diploma. As I did last semester, I will get to the end of things and realize that I panicked for nothing and that I passed all my classes with plenty of room to spare.

What I find interesting is how many people I know who. not of the normal college age, are also making flash cards, cramming for tests, and stressing out over term papers. I have clients, classmates, friends who are my age, or older pursuing higher education for a variety of reasons. I find it wonderful. I don’t feel so alone in this, as we all share this similar aspect in our lives.

In some ways its harder, when you’re older, to return to college. We older students tend to have less energy, and more responsibility. But we tend to be a bit more goal oriented and those goals tend to make us a bit more driven. We can be just as testy as our younger classmates, because we too go without sleep, but maybe for not the same reasons. Those of us who also work, feel really stretched about this time, and crave naps. I don’t remember the last time I took a nap. Oh wait. Yes I do. I had a sinus infection in February, and slept for 15 minutes on my couch.

In a few weeks, my youngest will be accepting her diploma for her Associate’s Degree, and you can be sure I’ll have a few heartfelt words about that. I do admit a bit of jealousy though. She has a few exams and some classes to sit through. With everything else, she’s pretty much done. Must be nice.

I am now going to take my study outline, my heating pad and myself to location more conducive to repose. Let’s hope I can stay awake long enough to study for at least a little bit.



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