End of Term

Its panic time. Students all over the county are worried about getting those last projects done, registering for next falls’ classes, if they will pass that difficult class so they can graduate. If they are graduating then its the all important search for jobs, either for just the summer until they are off to college or if they are finished with higher education then to find the all important first grown up job in their chosen field.

Here at the Galloway abode, that is the norm. Megan graduates from Spartanburg Methodist next week and is on the hunt for a job in her field. I will be staying up late, again, tonight to work on another paper and for the clock to strike midnight so I can register for fall classes. We are sleep deprived, grumpy, and are craving Doritos and coffee, or Oreos and beer, with healthy food tossed in now and then. We have little time to cook, or to sleep, everything not vital to survival will wait a week, or in my case two.

This week’s column will be short and sweet, or maybe just short and incoherent. I have all sorts of grand topical ideas somewhere in the back of my brain, but I need to recharge a few thousand brain cells before I can access them. Once I have written down the last incorrect answer on my last exam and handed in my last paper, I will try to regain my sanity, recoup my energy, and find what color my desk is. It’s currently buried under paper, cat hair and doritos crumbs.

So if you see me in the next couple of weeks, please hand me a cup of coffee, I like dark roast, and a couple of motrin.Sylvie has some cramming to do before she sleeps.


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