The Morning After

Most of us are waking up this morning and are sipping coffee while preparing for our day, whether it be work or school or some other endeavor. Many of us know about the weather outbreaks and the damage and loss of life and are watching the news or reading about what happened on websites or in our local paper. We will possibly say a prayer for the behalves of those who were impacted by the storms and go on with our day.

For those who’s lives were directly impacted their mornings are anything but mundane. Many haven’t been to sleep yet, many are reeling from the shock of seeing their community and homes destroyed, some are dealing with that shock as well as the loss of a loved one.  None of them wanted to be where they find themselves. They wanted a morning like the rest of us got.

The sad reality that weather sometimes robs us of all that we hold dear is hard to accept and it is not uncommon for people to try to explain the reasons behind it.  There are no easily attainable answers despite our best efforts, and now is not really the time to even be asking those questions. Instead what we should be asking is how can we help? Right now, government, civic and religious agencies are scrambling to provide assistance as quickly as possible. Family and friends of the people in the communities impacted will also be working quickly and diligently to help. I for one am grateful that these groups can act in my stead. The rest of us can donate money or resources to organizations who deal with disaster relief.

It is interesting that it take disaster to bring people together. Sadly disaster also can act as a catalyst to divide and spread discord. It always amazes me how quickly some can rush to complain or scoff at such times. I find it so inappropriate. It is my hope that the seeds of discord, and untimely criticism fall on fruitless grounds, that we all work to help these families and communities who suffered, work to rebuild, and work to support agencies who are designed to get relief to communities quickly.


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