A different way to spend a week

My regular readers of Miss Mom  and here at Sylvie is a Blogger, will notice that I have been rather slack. Well, I have a good excuse. I am away from home  this week, helping out my dad who just got home from by-pass surgery. He’s doing wonderfully, and I think that we will have a bigger issue getting him to stay at a slower pace so he doesn’t over do it as he recovers.

Dad is really fortunate. He had cataract surgery a month ago, and what he thought was a simple side effect from the surgery was recognized by his eye doctor as something more. What was thought to be a simple procedure to fix a simple consequence of a minor heart attack turned into something major.  We credit this doctor with quite likely saving my Dad’s life. Dad’s recovery is proceeding along beautifully so far, and I will be returning home in a few days.

I’ve sent updates to friends and family via Twitter or through multiple texts and phone calls. I have been thankful for the support, kind thoughts and prayers that my dad and I have received in return. I am glad that I was able to arrange to be here so quickly, to assist my aunt, Dad’s sister in the task of making preparations for his homecoming as well as spending time with him at the hospital. Getting reacquainted with her has been a treat, as well as spending extended time with Dad which hasn’t happened in a long time. Those opportunities don’t happen often, and they will be treasured.

Next week other family members will step in to help, and I’ll be back home in good ole’ Spartanburg. This was not how I had planned to use vacation time, but it has been worth every single moment.

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