Poor sad neglected blog

Yeah, I know, I’ve been ignoring you all month. I do have a good excuse you see. I decided to take summer courses this year. Oh don’t look at me like that. I know I did that last year, and about went crazy. I learned my lesson, honestly I did. I am only taking two classes not four like last year.

What?  What do you mean that’s no excuse?

Ok, I did take 12 credit hours and still manage to write a column AND keep you with content, but this is different! One of my classes is condensed into a very short time frame. Its not eight weeks, its four! And its poetry!! You know how I am with poetry.

Ok, so I’ve written some poetry myself, but that doesn’t count! Have you ever read Walt Whitman? The guy gets on a topic then makes these long lists about it. If one didn’t know better I’d think he’d invented the filibuster. I’ve got a write a paper about his work. I am so stuck on it too. I haven’t even started on the Emily Dickinson presentation yet, and its all due in a week.

You’ve seen the draft on the Whitman paper? And you agree with the vortex quality of what I’ve written thus far? Great, even my blog’s a critic.

I promise you that as soon as this one class is over, then you’ll get attention again, and you can pass that information to all those short story ideas languishing in word documents on my desktop.  Now can I go? I got econ homework to do before bed.

One Reply to “Poor sad neglected blog”

  1. Walt…Whitman… That’s grounds for torture. Mental torture. Do your paper on the lists he makes of lists. About the lists.


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