Hot tea

Being a woman of the south, I would be lying if I denied my fondness for tea. I prefer it iced, strong and sweet. I also like it iced, strong and unsweet as well. For me ice tea is a wonderful summer beverage. As I am not a big fan of sodas, I will opt for iced tea after water for my beverage choices at a restaurant. Coffee is the essential morning beverage. Its coffee or nothing for me before breakfast. I’d better have coffee, or I tend to be a bit grumpy by mid-afternoon. Unless you stick a glass of iced tea in my hand. The taste, and of course the bit of caffeine iced tea offers can make Sylvie all nice again..

There are times however that I prefer tea of the hot variety. In those cases I prefer herbal tea. I keep a little variety box of herbal tea bags in my pantry for just those occasions. Once I had a client give me loose jasmine tea along with a little metal steeper. That was some of the best hot tea I’ve ever sipped.

The times I prefer my tea hot and herbal is almost always when I”m feeling bad. Being an asthmatic, my symptoms can sometimes “get ahead of me” causing fatigue and even some minor aches in my limbs. For some reason I always want hot tea then. It maybe just a mental thing but sometimes drinking hot tea backs off the symptoms I may have. Hot liquids do help open up my lungs a bit, and lessen the weighted feeling of them. If you can imaging a midget sitting on your chest, then you can understand what constricted lungs feel like.  When I am sick or the asthma is being a major hassle, the herbal tea gets pulled out and I steep a cup.

Right now I have a cup of chamomile beside me. I am trying to revise a project for a class, and my body just wants me to get horizontal, pull up the covers and wake up in month or so. I am putting off the climbing into bed by bribing my body with tea. The bribe is working, a little, but not for long. I don’t know who dreamed up the idea of putting dried leaves into hot water and letting it sit for a bit, before drinking, but I am glad they did.

The score so far this year in the season of of my lungs vs. asthma is:  my lungs 2, asthma 2, but asthma is at bat with no outs. I think its gonna be an interesting season.

One Reply to “Hot tea”

  1. Hey Sylvie, checked out flying oscar yesterday and followed you here. Chamomile is soothing…as in fall asleep. Try Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Orange Spice. For some reason I’ve had a hard time finding it lately, but I refer to it as my “miracle tea”. Probably just mental, but it always seems to stop my symptoms when I start feeling achy. Last time I bought some was at Earth Fare, but they used to have it everywhere.
    Hope you’re feeling perkier.


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