Wheelie! (no not really)

So once again, I am back into the lets get Sylvie’s butt into shape frame of mind. This time my youngest daughter is helping me. We’ve been going to the rail trail just outside of downtown, and trying to do at least a couple of miles of walking. For me that has been enough, as I am just now coming off yet another round of Prednisone (thank you asthma) and am needing to start from scratch at building stamina.

The other day we saw something new at the trail head. Partners For Active Living has installed a kiosk and a station filled with shiny new bicycles for the purpose of renting. They have received a grant from the Mary Black Foundation, and according to Partner’s for Active Living website have installed two such stations in town. The pricing for rental is ridiculously low, so I am considering  a year’s membership. It is most definitely worth the cost. This is the first such program in the southeast. I certainly hope it is very successful and sparks similar programs in cities all over.

Today I decided to give one a try. Megan, had a bike we drug out of the basement to use, so we only needed one bike to rent. These are nice three speeds, with easily adjustable seats. There are even baskets in the front where a rider can put a water bottle, cell phones and car keys if needed. We were able to do the entire trail, then I simply put my shiny red bike back into its holster, and got into my car. The bike was comfortable, the gears easy to navigate, and although my legs were nice and rubbery at the end of the circuit, they were not near as tired as when I had walked/jogged half the distance the day prior. I did sweat just as much, thanks to summer humidity and a pending thunder storm.

I was a little out of practice and I got a little  nervous each time I tried to navigate between the metal poles set up at intersections, but otherwise I did fine. No I didn’t pop a wheelie. I’ve never been able to do that, but I was able to get up to a good speed and coast a bit, ponytail flapping in the breeze behind me.  I am looking forward to using one of those bikes again in the near future.

2 Replies to “Wheelie! (no not really)”

  1. Oh very cool! I’ve thought about biking recently, but without a bicycle (or anywhere I’d feel safe to ride it) I’m sticking with my trusty treadmill and elliptical. The bike rental sounds great! Best of wishes with it 🙂


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