quick product reviews

Yep, its that time again guys and gals. The Febreeze company sent me goodies again, and have asked me to tell you about their products.

This time I got a nice big spray bottle of the original scent spritz. It works, or so I’m told, so I keep it on hand, and use it every time I scoop out the litterboxes.  I know it works, because, the working nose in my house will ask where the bottle is when she smells something she doesn’t like.

I normally am not a brand conscious sorta gal. I have no qualms buying store or generic brand on many items. Yet there are a few things I won’t skimp on. Toilet paper is one. It’s Charmin or nothing. I’ve tried them all, and always regret going for the other brand. Its either to rough, or not enough paper on the roll.

Cat litter is another. If it don’t clump, it stays on the grocery store shelf. With this I go back and forth between Tidy Cats or Arm and Hammer. Both work well to keep the FFA’s toilets at minimum toxic waste level.

Mayonaise? Well being a girl from the south, its the Duke’s brand of mayo. Now a jar usually lasts me quite a while, as I don’t make that many sandwiches and tend to use it only for when I’m making potato salad or slaw. But I just happen to like that brand the best.

Hair color? Well obviously I prefer the professional lines, but don’t mind trying mass market stuff. My daughter Megan wanted to go darker with her hair color, so we purchased the Garnier Nutrisse kind of hair color. We hated it! First of all the color ended up being much darker then expected, a good two shades darker then what the instructions said.  Secondly, even after a week and a half, the color was bleeding out of her hair when she shampooed. On the plus side, her hair is now a little closer to what she was asking for, but that’s not how to go about it.  I would never recommend this particular brand of home hair color to anyone.

I am also using the Cascade dish washing blocks or balls or whatever you call them. Nice,neat and convenient those things are, and my dishes get clean, despite the antiquity of my dishwasher.

Lastly one of my favorite finds recently is from Downy, although I think other companies make these as well. They are those stick on fabric softener things you stick on the side of your dryer. No more forgetting to toss in a dryer sheet, or add the liquid to the load. The discs usually last me about three  to four months before needing replacement. I happen to like the convenience of those as well.

Ok, I’m done. I you have any products you’d like to rant or rave about let me know. I’m willing to give it a try, or at least pass on the information.

Now I shall return you back to your regularly scheduled web-browsing




2 Replies to “quick product reviews”

  1. I just found out that I literally cannot stop eating Munchos “potato crisps” dipped in Tostitos Monterey Jack Queso in Medium. Does that count?


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