New Toy

I got a new toy this week. It lights up, vibrates and I have a whole lot of fun with it.

Now while some of you get your minds out of the gutter, let me tell you about my very first smart phone. I made the jump into the 21st century and now have internet connection with the device I talk and text with. After some research I settled on a Palm Pre 2. I know its a slightly older model smart phone, and it doesn’t have the plethora of apps that the Droid or the I-phone, or even the Blackberry does, but it works for me. Plus the price was right, being last year’s model. It was less then I paid for the trusty Razzle I’ve been using. In other words, really cheap.

So after a brief learning curve, during which I totally irritated my daughter with my frustration as to trying to get used to a touch screen and why Verizon was unable to transfer my contact list, I figured quite a bit out. I discovered that I could set up the home internet to the device, saving the provider connection from when I’m away from home. I downloaded a couple of games, plus access to my Pandora account, and have generally had fun learning how to use the thing. I still am having issues with keeping the Bluetooth connected and a few other minor issues like wading through my old contact list to transfer, why Facebook and this phone won’t share profile photos and a few other things, but so far more modern technology and I are pretty much getting along.

Now if I can just keep the durn thing charged.



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