Change, change, change

Wow! I just looked at the date when I last posted anything here, and its been a month! My sincere apologies but there has been some major changes in my life recently.  I’ve been so busy, I’ve barely had time to even make sure this place still exists, much less, write anything creative. I’ve missed the creative aspect of my life when it comes to writing. Hopefully, once things settle down a bit, I can get the two short stories that are rattling in my head down onto paper, and finish a rewrite I set aside on a third.

However all is not lost. I do have news in that regard. I have had three pieces accepted for publication. It’s a small web-based literary group. They liked a short fiction that I wrote along with two poems. The acceptance of the poems surprised me, verse is hardly my strength. The publication times are pending, probably no later than Spring of next year, which is soon. As soon as I get finalized details, I’ll post the information here.

The other news is bigger. I decided to make a career change. In fact it was something I decided some time ago, it just took me that long to find another position. Trust me to decide to go job hunting in one of the worst employment settings in a couple of decades. Yes, I have decided to stop running with scissors for good. It wasn’t an easy decision, as I have worked in the beauty field for a decade. However I was beginning to develop some health issues that were only getting worse. It’s hard to walk away from an occupation one has found rewarding and leaving behind clients who’ve made my job so enriching, but it was something I knew I had to do. I will also miss my former co-workers. We were almost like family. Lord knows we spent enough time together to know each other quite well. I consider myself extremely blessed to get to know the men and women I was fortunate to meet during my tenure as a hairdresser.

I am now back in the business world, and if I survive the training period should have a nice new career ahead of me, with opportunities for growth, (and the applicable raises as well). So far I am liking this new line of work, although right now I go home at the end of the day, certain that my brain is seeping out of my ears. The fact that I am also taking two short termed, online classes just adds to the cerebral tissue loss. I’ll survive it as I always have.

I can look back on the past 12 months and see how much has happened in my life. It’s been a momentous year, some of it hasn’t been great, but for the most part, what has happened has been for the best. There is more on the horizon for me ahead. I’ve spent the past couple of years in a transitional phase, and it’s still ongoing, but I think I am beginning to discover what it is I was looking for. Most of all I am really getting to know who I am, and the real Sylvie is really a bit different then what others have thought. In fact, I’ve surprised myself quite a bit.

I am actually looking forward to what the next few months have to offer. I can certainly guess some of the things my future holds, as I work and plan towards them, but there is no certainty when it comes to work, life or relationships. Whatever happens, and I hope for my sake, it’s all good, I have decided that life itself is the grand adventure we all dream about. I am taking a mindset form a character from one of my favorite movies, and try to follow her example.

The character is Mame Dennis from the movie Auntie Mame. If you’ve never seen it, find it, watch it. It’s an older film starring Rosalyn Russell. Mame grabbed life by the ear and dragged it along behind her, along with everyone she met. To her life was intended to live fully, exuberantly and without regrets. I admire this woman, her unique brand of courage, and, her ability to reinvent herself as the mood suited her. I may never be larger than life as Mame Dennis, but I do plan on taking a page from her book. I plan on being uniquely courageous, enjoy life and all it has to offer me, and to be willing to continue to reinvent myself as needed.

In fact I think I’ve already started.

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