Primary Conundrum

It’s here, if the television ads and the spammed emails are any indication.  The presidential primary has finally hit my state. Ok its actually next week, but the candidates are pulling out all the stops to try to convince voters what a travesty of misjudgment it would be to vote for any of the other candidates in the field, all while attempting to paint the man they’d like to replace as something even worse.

In other words, their attempts to get me to consider voting for them just reeks in abject positiveness.

That of course leaves me with a choice. I can simply opt out of the upcoming primary election deciding that the whole mess is simply too distasteful, try to decide which is the most palatable out of a group I find almost zero connection with when it comes to ideological ideals, or find someone to write in as an alternative.


Now I am sure all the people who are vying for my attention and my vote are nice people, who want to do a job that, in all honesty, none of us really want. Of course all of us really like criticizing the poor sucker unlucky enough to get elected. Everything they do will be scrutinized, and commented about how wrong it is. What they wear, what they eat, what their families wear or eat, what they say, who they invite or don’t invite to dinner if they happen to burp during said dinner will be criticized, given plenty of satirical air time by pundits and comics, and for the most part be considered in poor taste by someone.

And people still want the position.

Their decisions as an administrator will be blamed as horrific by someone, seen as unamerican, and detrimental to the future of the nation. Everything they do will be considered either not going far enough on the policy, or going too far. They will be compared against past administrators, usually not favorably, and just three years into the job, will have to not only do that job, but actively work quite hard to keep it a few more years.

And yet, people want that position.

What I don’t understand however is, why candidates spitefully and with full malice tell potential voters how horrible an incumbent is at their job, or that the others also looking for the job are at best incompetent. What ever happened to being respectful of the person or at least the position?

What I don’t understand is why candidates don’t spend more time on the positives, what they hope to do if they do get the position. I think most of political pundits would be in utter shock if a candidate actually had something nice to say about another candidate or the guy they are wanting to replace, or to act remotely grateful that the person currently sitting in office hasn’t said “the hell with it all” burned the place down in frustration.

So all you candidates, if you are listening to voters, or at least this one, let me clue you in.

If I see or hear an advertisement that says unsavory things about another candidate or the person you hope to replace, expect me to turn the tv or radio to a different channel. Don’t expect me to care about debates where most of what is said is merely you attempting to belittle the other guy. Those marketing strategies have me prompt me to consider voting for the anyone else but you. As all candidates seemed to have decided to use the same strategy, you see my delimma. I am so turned off by the temperment that is this election that I am looking into alternative candidates.

So far what I have found is the guy who wears a boot on his hat, a street performer. At least their wardrobes and platforms are entertaining.

But back to the ones who seem to be the more serious in all this.

I vote on what you plan to do while in office. I vote based on not only what I feel is best plan of action for the job, but also what I hope would be with consideration for all the people you plan on working for. I vote on things that you can actually do something about, not those social debates that will likely still be raging when your memoir finds itself languishing in the cheap book bin at the local Goodwill. Your personal moral compass and what guides it, who you consider friends, where you went to school or the size of your stock portfolio are of little relevance to me (or at least as relevant as mine is to you). What do YOU hope to accomplish? What do you hope people can say about the job you held in ten years?

I know who gets the job will have to work well with others, have to make tough and often unpopular decisions, get little sleep, and worry all the time if they have royally screwed things up. I would like a person in office who recognizes that, who understands the concept of humility, respect for all people regardless of culture, color, religion or any other social configuration and who is concerned enough with the well being those people to desire that all of us are free, are healthy, and are working together towards a bright future.

Now is there anyone out there who can do it?

I sure hope so.

I will be at the polls, maybe, for the SC Presidential primary. No I am not going to tell you who I will pick. I’ll hold my nose and make a selection. Then, if my primary voting record is true to form, that candidate will shortly withdraw from the race; unless its a write-in candidate, where the poor guy will simply fade into obscurity. After that I will do all I can to ignore the influx of marketing that will be flooding the airways, in increasing increments well, until November when Americans who are secretly sick of it all will vote, if only to make the ads go away.  Meanwhile  I suspect that more then one of us will be wishing they’d spend all that “campaign” money on something actually meaningful. If anyone asks, I can provide a list of options.


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