Read My Story…A Shameless Plug

I am legit! Well as a writer. I just had a short story published with a literary group. Although the pay is what I am used to, the notch added to my writing resume is, to me huge.  Its also a huge boost to my ego. So before I send you to where you can read this story, let me send a few thanks out.

To Tammy Stokes, who gave me the place to send this story, Arthur MacMaster who gave me great lessons in dialog, and to Susan Tekulve who encouraged me to think outside the box as a writer, you have my eternal gratitude. This story was born in part from your help.

The great Stephen King gets credit as well. This is the second story I’ve written where I’ve taken an ordinary idea and turned the ordinary into something else. His memoir helped me consider doing such a thing. For any aspiring or established writer, I highly recommend his book On Writing. If you need to borrow a copy, I think I now own two.

Now to the story itself. It can be found at Dead Mule of Southern Literature. I will be having a couple of poems published there as well, later this Spring. The title is Fields White With Harvest, and is a somewhat unique twist to a concept popular in certain circles. Please read my story and the pieces submitted by other authors. Let me know what you think.

8 Replies to “Read My Story…A Shameless Plug”

  1. congrats allegro! It is a wonderful thing to see a persons dreams become a reality. Perhaps the good Lord has even more in store for you. Maybe some day I will write a book, however, at this time it Isn’t my calling. From what I’ve seen of your writing ability, I can see that you are a fantastic writer, and look forward to reading your book, and blogs. Congrats again, I am excited for you! 🙂


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