Such a tough Pill to Swallow

I am a bit confused. Apparently there is a great big bruhaha over something that is a result over something else that people have been bru-ha-ha-ing over for decades. What really has me stumped is how things got to this point, and just who seems to be leading the charge.

Now that I have confused everyone as well, let me clarify. The original bruhaha is over abortion, which has been in the news again, (when is it not, when there is an election in the future) and in the paperwork of several state legislatures as state governments try all sorts of invasive methods to get women to stop considering an abortion. What is happening is that, in the attempt to stop abortions elected officials are essentially throwing the baby out with the bath water by also cutting funding to any health organization that offers services to women, including pregnancy preventative methods because a small portion of their services include abortions. To make it even more puzzling, is that there is even a movement taking place to simply quell the tide of birth control methods available, or to make it much more costly for women.

Am I the only one with a WTF expression on their face?

It is a proven fact that birth control helps to greatly reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. It makes perfect sense to me, that if you want to reduce abortions, then make methods of pregnancy prevention more accessible. But apparently to some that is a false logic.


Because then it would be admitting that…wait for it…women are having sex!

The Pill has somehow regained a nefarious reputation as a license for debauchery; well if you want to listen to some dude with a radio rant that’s gone on a decade too long. Never mind that for some women, many of whom are monogamous, or even celibate  the medication is used for health reasons that have nothing to do with sex.

Which sends me down this tangent, and a wish…oh if only it could come true.

I wish that every man who is so dead set against a woman’s right to have cheap and easy access to The Pill, would experience for themselves the menstrual cycles of the year of their choice between when I first started having periods to the time I got pregnant with my first child. Pick one, any one.

Not sure? Ok, I’ll give you my Sophmore year in high school. Here’s how the average period would go.

Day one, Wake up, change sheets…you know why. Find the biggest Kotex pad you can find in the box, make it two, and pin them to your underwear. (mind you the peel and stick version wasn’t made yet) Throw up. Go to school.  Throw up at least two more times before lunch, and get a new supply of maxi pads from your locker. You’ve done bled through the first pair. Wish that the cramping didn’t feel like someone was trying to shove your uterus through your pelvis. That is when it wasn’t striving to drive it out your belly button. Never mind that the thought of sitting down fills you with dread. Your bottom hurts that much. But the dread is only slightly less then standing up and realizing that you may experience instant pad failure at that very moment. Discover that your hormonal system laughs at the Tylenol you just took and will plot to have you throw it up shortly. Experiencing slowly reduction in symptoms over the next 6 to ten days until it starts all over again in 21 to 28 days.

One has to wonder how quickly the whole “access to contraceptives” debate would dissipate if all of Congress had just one week of one of those weeks I had on a regular basis. If that didn’t work, I would willingly let them try the “Bubbete and Earlene” phase of my life.

Today when teenagers experience such symptoms, their Mom’s wisely take them to the doctor who prescribes The Pill. Those girls discover that, although they don’t “have a happy period” it isn’t sheer agony. When women begin facing menopause, or in my case, evil squatters in the form of fast growing Fibroid Tumors, a medication like The Pill can be a wonderful help. It of course has the benefit of preventing unwanted pregnancies. It is just one method of contraceptive, but it does have the ability to do more then just eliminating the need to pick out baby names.

Now back to the shock of the realization that….yeah, tis true! Women are having sex!!!

The thing these guys that want to prevent access to contraceptives seem to forget is just whom the majority of women are having sex with.

Figured it out yet? Good!

So will this push to end abortions by making it harder for women to have access to contraceptive, or even more horrifying, insisting that insurance companies give the same kind of discounts for the drug as many other beneficial medications? of course not! Is this really a religious matter, as some are insisting? And if it is, just whose religion? And if whose religion, since when did this nation become single-minded about religious thought or mandates?

Yeah I know, a whole other topic.

I suspect, that if this line of legislating continues that there will be some surprised former elected officials come November. I am a bit tempted to suggest that women all over America do something to show how ticked off many of us are. I suggested to a friend that we could do something like sending a certain talk show personality a rather large collection of used contraceptive packaging. Not the contraceptives themselves, people sort of need them, considering that (SHOCK) women are having sex!

OK, guys are doing it too, but apparently that’s not a surprise.

Just sending the packaging would likely get the point. It would be rather interesting for this person’s mailbox to be overflowing with packaging from devices all over the country.

Here’s the thing though, it is the very people who are often rather ignorant about what actually happens in the confines of the female reproductive system, and who are the most vocally adamant against anything that benefits women, can actually serve to help women. Yeah I know what you are thinking, but in reality, their rants against women’s health, and freedoms, their desire to shut women up, their glaring double standards give the perfect opportunity to use their mission against them.

How we do it however is key. When they rant, give false truths, scare tactics, insults etc., we should ourselves be respectful, be honest and informative, and thank then for giving us a forum for which to share what is vital to us all. We know that some politicians, religious figures and people who spend their days spitting into a mic, have their own personal agendas. Agendas which have more to do with drawing attention to themselves, so they can win votes, sell books, or get new contracts. I doubt they really care about women, or have a real desire to learn anything about us or our health needs. We can choose to be surprised when they, yet again, go beyond what is decent in their quest for self-fulfilling gratification. We can try to ignore them, or we can recognize the false message they give, mostly ignore them as the messenger, and instead focus on what is really important, in case, an important health care matter.


9 Replies to “Such a tough Pill to Swallow”

  1. Here’s another topic for you to tackle the mandatory pre-abortion trans-virginal ultrasound being required by some states. Is it another way for states to rape women of their rights?


    1. I thought about mentioning it, and some things I’ve read suggest that the more invasive proposal was so that mandatory regular ultrasounds would be considered the lesser of two evils.

      When one dictate morality based on philosophical/religious ideals, its gonna get ugly, because the concept that others may view the issue from an equally sound line of thinking is not even considered. Sadly I don’t see that happening in the near future.


    1. I am at best, the worst editor of my work ever conceived. I will do a quick read through and repair. Thanks for catching that for me. I always forget about that word “whose”


  2. Basically, it all has to do with the fact that the US government is out of money, and that the present administration wants to control things that the US government was not set up to control. Abortion and contraception are just other ways of controlling the US citizens from Washington, DC.


    1. I am not so sure that government finances really have much at all to do with contraceptives, despite certain cries to the contrary. If anything I would think that in the long and likely short term it would end up costing tax payers more, not less. I do agree that it is the movement by some in government to attempt to legislate their form of morality onto the wills of others whether it is all that moral or not. It would depend on who one considers the present administration/responsible party in all this, as it seems to be largely in the realm of Federal and State legislatures that the proposals are taking place, not the administrative branches of government. Although there are several governors joining in on one side or the other.

      I would hope that the American people, nearly half of which are women, and a fair number of that voters, would be smart enough to recognize that what these state and Federal legislators are attempting are nothing but harmful and costly to all.


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