Poetry and a Ramble

Its not that I have written a thing lately, as life events have taken prime position, leaving little time for creative ventures. Still I am seeing the efforts of earlier times bear a few small pieces of fruit.

I’ve had a few pieces of poetry published.

The first is locally, in my church’s Lenten devotional. The piece I wrote last year It Could Happen To You, which also appears here, was featured.

The second marks my second appearance at the web-based literary group Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. I already have a short story featured there, which went live last month. I now have two acrostic style poems there as well. I knew they were going to be published, just not when.

I’ve really missed that type of creative writing, and I am planning to get back to it, but first a major life event must occur. It it involves getting somewhat dressed up, some pretty music, people taking my picture, and a kiss…well that an a whole heaping pile of stress. I ask myself at least once every couple of days why I just didn’t decide that the best way was to find us a probate judge and have it all over with. Oh the things we do to ourselves for love. At least the man is well worth it.

Hopefully, when its all over with, I can glean a couple of good stories and maybe a line of verse out of the experience. Oh, and sleep. Sleep is good, and largely disappears from my regularly scheduled day, when I am stressed, which also dries up any creative mind-set I may have. I’ve got the ideas for stories, just not the time, or the will, or nearly enough coffee.


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