Bluffing the Goat

I had my first troll commentator today. No you won’t see this individual’s comments ever see the light of day, because I saw nothing worth sharing. That’s the beauty of controlling the content you opt to share, ye don’t gotta do it.

Why did this little billy goat gruff get said troll? Because I made a comment on a friend’s website on something he had written about. The topic was about an event he and a friend had been invited to attend, and then decided against for  reasons he pointed out. My friend, as I like my friends, has a flair for satire, and it played out in his piece. I happened to agree with my friend’s decision and stated why.  It was quickly proven that I may just have had a point.

Hence the troll.

I don’t know the person who decided to go on a vicious attack mode, not only on my friend’s site, but to attempt to get a rise out of me on my site. I don’t understand why they think that they have to try to personally attack me on a web blog with a tiny readership just because  happened to pen two short paragraphs related to the format of the event the troll was involved with.  I suspect that this person found the blogs of the rest of us who commented, and decided to vent their spleen there as well. Personally I think its a rather childish outlet, and something that has me scratching my head over, considering the time and effort put into the task; but I  do hope they feel better.

Here’s the thing. Opinions matter less to other people then they do to us.  It is our own opinions that reign supreme, and don’t you forget it! That is why we all have  such a plethora of personal opinions. Sometimes  we share them, often argue about them. Pick a topic, and I about bet you can find 12 points of view about it, several of them diametrically opposite from one another. I do find it ironic that there are folks that feel that they can lambaste their opinions to all who will listen, happens to get caught in the way, or can’t figure out how the hell to easily walk away from the conversation. When being questioned on said opinion, or given a critique, or a differing view…well then that’s when the fight usually starts.

But not here. I don’t play that game. I don’t have time or the desire to play a silly game of sling the crap at someone who’s views on something differ from mine. I am also not going to let someone attempt to get an opening salvo started here. Its not worth the stress, the bother, or the bottle of Tums.

People can have whatever opinion they have on me based on whatever information they have gathered, or decided not to bother with. I don’t have to share or display it.

And yeah, it is my opinion. Here it reigns supreme.

3 Replies to “Bluffing the Goat”

  1. Wow! I had no idea my little post would spill over to here. The person in question has accused me of Facebook stalking because I sent her a message in response to a personal attack made on her public Facebook profile (one that I didn’t even know about until a friend told me). She also said some very nasty things about a friend of mine on the Spark that I have since removed.

    One of these days I’ll learn to leave well enough alone. Poking the crazy with a stick is always a bad idea.


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