Sick Day

Monday night I started coming down with what apparently turned out to be a “fun” little intestinal virus. I thought that I felt the way that I did overnight because I’d had a snack of Cheez-Its right before bed. I’ve learned that eating right before bed is a sure way to kick in acid reflux at 2 a.m.

But I was wrong. I still felt pretty lousy yesterday morning, but I still got dressed and made the 30 minute commute to work. I’d had a small bowl of cereal with strawberries for breakfast and my stomach was yelling its displeasure all the way down the interstate.

I lasted 2 hours and told my supervisors I was taking my sick butt back to the house. I hoped all the way home that my gastric system would hold together till I made it to my own bathroom. It did, and straight to bed I went.

Now I generally allow myself 24 hours of sick time, if that when I come down with something. Being asthmatic with an immune system with a better vacation plan then mine, I do tend to pick up things more often then others. Normally I suffer through as best as can, and hopefully wait it out. I had intended on returning to work today, but as just sip of coffee made my stomach feel like a boulder was growing rapidly inside. I thought it best to give things one more day.

I’m not used to 48 hours of sick/down time. Yesterday was easy, I alternated between dozing, sipping Sierra Mist and switching between Property Virgins on HGTV and a What Not To Wear marathon on TLC. I attempted dinner, prepared by the spouse who tip-toed around me, and catered to my every whim, which were actually few. (I promise honey, I don’t bite when I’m sick, just whine and moan a bit)

Today, I felt a bit better, except when the thought of food was mentioned. I broke with tradition and took a second sick day. I’ve altered between laying down, trying to tackle the disaster that is my desk, flipping through channels, laying down, working on an essay that’s going nowhere, laying down again, and staring at the contents of the fridge before deciding it all looks un-appetizing.  In other words I’ve been bored!! Being sick on top of it, at least gives my body something to tackle, while my brain sings the Doom song from the Invader Zim television series.

So being bored, while still feeling peckish, I am sharing my state of being with you poor souls. Trust me considering how contagious this virus is, you should be thanking me. Well at least be thankful I am not in a more generous mood, and gracing you with my germ ridden presence.

And  you are welcome, all of you who either remember the Doom song, or have just had to Google it.  That song is tougher to get rid of then this virus.

I wonder if Judge Judy is on. Back to bed I go. Tomorrow I better be better. It’s a scheduled day off!!


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