Somewhat Pinterested

I consider myself somewhat savvy when it comes to the on goings of the world wide web. I have this blog of course, and have twitter, Linked, Goggle + accounts and Facebook where I also help maintain a couple of group pages. I get most of my news…(and celebrity gossip) from websites and engage in discussions in a variety of topics on internet forums. I’ve also spent a fair amount of well wasted time playing MMORPG games.

 Recently I began hearing about Pinterest.  From what I understood, the website was the online version of a bulletin board where people could put items there for others to look at or even share among themselves. I was first shown the site by my daughter in law who used it to find useful ideas for her job as a teacher. She also used it for crafting ideas.

 Then one of my daughters discovered the site and has raved about all the really great ideas that could be found there. A lot of people use it to share recipes, decorating ideas and crafts including how toos.  I’ve been intrigued, but as I tend to have the crafting skills of a clipped toenail, I haven’t see much need to join. My decorating skills are eclectic yet sparse, so that means I could look at the beautiful pictures of fantastic holiday decors and only sigh. As for my cooking skills? Well, the well-publicized knowledge of my sub-par culinary skills are just no longer worth the trouble to fake. So I’ve resisted joining.

 Finally one of the web groups I belong to, a group with much better skills than I on many levels, decided to store some photos and art on Pinterest. As I had contributed to a bit to the group’s collection, I decided to take the plunge and join myself.

 I knew I was in trouble, when the website asked me to pick categories from an established list of photos. I guess they were trying to gauge my personal topical interests. I completed the profile as best I could, linked it all to my Facebook account, then BEHOLD!!! I had a Pinterest account. Within a week, I had people linking up their accounts to mine.

 There is only one slight problem with my account.

 I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. I’ve managed, likely from a combination of luck and stubbornness to acknowledge the people who linked up to my account. I also have figured that I can like something. That is the complete extent of my knowledge about the site. I know I can make my own board, add original content, link other related things to it, etc. Yet I am clueless as to how. As I have yet to find a tutorial for the “cool new website challenged”, it is unlikely that adeptness will be occurring soon.

 I suspect that Pinterest may be a web concept that leaves me slightly less than enthralled. It seems to be more the haven for the creatively handy. I’ve seen some really interesting ideas there, and know my creative skills are not in that realm…at least I think not. That means I’m less motivated to get up to speed with how it works. I’ll eventually figure it out, because it will get to the point that I want to find something there and my inability to do so will tick me off just enough that I’ll make myself learn it.

BUT, I’d rather do it the easy way. Does anyone have Pinterest for dummies? If so, pin it for me. Better yet, just message me instructions. I don’t think I could find it the other way quite yet.


2 Replies to “Somewhat Pinterested”

  1. I started a Pinterest account after a friend invited me…I’ve been on it for pretty much a total of 30 minutes since then (and that was over 2 months ago). I think it’s a cute idea, but for me personally, it’s not worth the time I would invest in it. Good luck getting up to speed with it, though ,and I hope it’s more fun for you than it has been for me! 🙂


  2. LOL! I like Pinterest. I doubt if I’ll ever get around to doing half of the stuff I’ve pinned to my crafts board, but they are there just in case. Also, the recipes. Some boards are just sharing what you like. Or putting things that you might want to look at again in the future. Like bookmarks with pictures.


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