Stupidity and the dolly

What is going on when you combine pillows, blankets, an ice pack? Well for me it is an enforced period of rest. I managed to sprain my back. Yes, I sprained it. I didn’t even know you could do that.

So how did I manage to sprain a major muscle group? Stupidity of course. I so know better then to do what I did yesterday. But I always ignore that little inner voice that yells “Sylvie, No! Bad girl, bad!!!” instead listening to the Indestructible Me inner voice that whispers sadistically “You are invincible.”

So lets back up to yesterday, to see what left me prone and pained.

Yesterday a box came into the office. I didn’t know it at the time, but they were parts intended for a different department. I did quickly realize that the box was way heavier than any acceptable lifting limit for a woman with a ruptured disc and frequent pain issues. I did listen to the good little voice on that. But then stupidity kicked in prompting me to find a dolly, wrestle that box onto it and then wrangle the whole shebang into the office area. Meanwhile Indestructible Me voice was humming “Gotta Fly Now” from the movie Rocky.

The back had been acting twingy off and on for a few days, but it hadn’t been that big a deal. I’m very used to that. Aleve usually helps when things get a bit uncomfortable. I actually felt great yesterday, decent energy, good mobility, so the whole dolly episode didn’t even cause a blip on my danger radar.

Gary and I got a bite of dinner after work, because of a brief power outage and decided to pick up a few groceries at Walmart afterward. My back was twinging a bit, but I figured a walk would help. It didn’t. It took longer than usual to get out of the store, because walking became increasingly painful with each step. In fact by the time we left the store, walking was actually a difficult task to perform. I had a very miserable night. Its no fun when there are zero pain free positions available. Meanwhile Indestructible Voice is singing the Doom song from Invader Zim and Sensible Voice is in a full tilt rant.

“See dummy? I told you. But do you ever listen. Of course not, you never do. Now look at you.” Sensible Voice does like to rub it in.

Thankfully some rest, ice, chiropractic adjustments, a bit of walking and time will have me back up to speed in a few days. Now, if only I could manage to permanently turn off Indestructible Voice.


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