It was a very good year

I am currently under a nice comfy throw, giving half-way attention to a football game while I am thinking of what a momentous year I’ve experienced. I got married, got fired, got denied unemployment, got attacked by a rogue water fowl,  became a grandma again, worried about that beautiful new grand-daughter as some health complications were revealed, found a new job, rejoiced that my daughter, her husband and the grand-babies moved back to the area, been delighted at the wonderful progress the new baby is making (she’s gorgeous and will be just fine after a surgery or two)  I’ve enjoyed every moment I could spend with , including the additional ones I gained in the marriage. I’ve also fought somewhat with the usual ailments that plague me, including a  back issue and a late season respiratory ailment that lingered. Thankfully, thanks to the decision I made last year to stop doing hair, the asthma problems have improved somewhat, the back will take longer.

Its been a momentous year. In fact the past few have been an exercise in transition. I was talking with my youngest daughter, Megan, the other day, who by the way is having a momentous year herself, having gotten a promotion, bought a house and will be getting married in the near future. We were talking about life and I mentioned that I could look back at my past, see how different I was from the woman I was just a few years ago, even just a few months ago, and how at peace I am with who and what I am, and where I am in life.

Sure there are things I want different. I wish our financial situation was a bit better. Being out of work for three months, takes a toll on the budget, but we’ve survived and the bills got paid every month. I wish I could figure out where those pounds came from that managed to sneak onto my waistline, but I know that getting back into exercise mode will help. I’m starting slow, 30 minutes of yoga, and sneaking in squats while I brush my teeth, to see what my back will allow.

Gary and I are grateful for the relationship we have. We are quite different, he’s conservative, I’m liberal, he’s evangelical minded, I’m unorthodox in my Christian beliefs, he loves sports, I love reading, he’s the consummate extrovert, I’m an introvert, he’s a neat freak, I like things being neat, but a little clutter doesn’t bother me.  We both had survived bad marriages with some similarities in the problems our former relationships suffered, so we appreciate what we’ve been gifted with, a peaceful co-existence with a lot of affection, laughter and love.

I look back at 2012 and can emphatically say that it was a very good year, not perfect, not without problems, but still one with more successes than failures. Now I find myself at the cusp of a new year. What will it hold? Of course I have no idea, but what I’ve gained, a life of peace, a contentment in who I am, a man who for some odd reason thinks I am the best thing that ever happened to him, a growing circle of friends and family, and a mindset that perception of life can make all the difference.

What will I attempt in the upcoming year? I will try to listen to less of the negative noise that surrounds us, and instead live my life with as much positivity as I can muster. Of course I’m a realist, but again, perception does matter. I will try to take things less and less for granted, to stop and smell the roses, or in my case enjoy their beauty seeing as I have no sense of smell. I will try to not let little things bother me to the point of keeping me from having a decent’s night sleep. Mostly I will embrace the new year and try my utmost to live every single day to the fullest.

I remember reading a church marquee that said “live today as if it were the last day of your life”. I thought about doing just that and I found that I would be looking at things coming to an end. I get the thoughts about heaven, and all that, but I found the concept so negative once I pondered over it, I quickly rejected it.  So instead set upon an opposite mindset. One where I plan to live life as it it were the first day of my life, each one brand new, full of potential, full of adventure, the unknown, things to uncover, discover, learn, delight in. 2013 may be the most mundane, unexciting year in my life, but somehow I doubt it.

Happy New Year everyone.


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