And now for a spot of stew…polistew

You know, its a real boost to one’s creative ego, when you are asked to write about topics because someone thinks you can do it justice. That is what has been happening recently. Someone I know, who’s got a lot more street cred when it comes to writing about politics than I started a new blog and welcomes a variety of voices to the table. I get to be one of them

For me its a return, in part to what I did when I wrote the Miss Mom column for the former Spartanburg Spark. Thanks to Steve Shanafelt and Christopher George, I got to cut my creative writing teeth sharing weekly thoughts, misadventures and the odd newsworthy story. I learned a great deal during that tenure, along with the things I learned taking some creative writing courses at Converse. Maybe one day I can return and finished that durn degree.

This new outlet, other than right here, is at a place called Polistew

What I like about what Amy Lanzbury has done is that she often takes one of those hot button topics, often a state or regional one, and invites the reader to chime in with what they think. This open-ended format invites discourse and discussion. Of course I am sure there is the fair share of trolls who lumber by, but so far the comments have been really interesting as well as civil. Being a political minded place, the slant tends to lead a bit towards the left, of which I tend to be quite at home, and represents a side to socio/political points of view not often really given a fair light in this part of the US. Instead she takes what others are saying and asks us what we think on presentation, accuracy and what solutions could be suggested that aren’t already. Its refreshing.

So what do I do there? Well, so far I’m the religious voice. I’ve just completed my second piece, which was edited by Amy far better then I could ever do myself. The first piece I wrote covered the Hobby Lobby legal wranglings about contraceptives and all the insane debate/arguments over it. You’ll realize that not only do both these topics cover faith, they also cover women’s issues, something that deserves hearing all sides on. I enjoyed the research on both topics, as one of the reasons I write, is because I must, but also because I learn so much from it.

Writing about social topics from the point of view of one who is also Christian who is not only left handed, but also lists left socially, is a lot tougher than one assumes. My goal is to present a topic with dignity, to present facts and then share my views that information, all while trying to be eloquent and respectful. What I get to do at Polistew is not much different topically then some of the topics I’ve covered here, but with a new audience. Plus the topics are more serious there then my usual fare at Sylvie is a Blogger, a blog title I’ve been thinking of changing for some time. (suggestions welcome)

Please visit Polistew, Let Amy know what you think, let me know. Suggest topics. Get to see how others think about everything to who’s running for state or federal legislative seats, to what do you think about some residents to want to form their own county over a penny sales tax hike to the enacting of smoking bans in particular cities.

One of the things we don’t do enough of is sit down and simply talk about things as well as we should.  Speaking of which I have a book to recommend to you. Its a small book simply titled Civil Discourse,Speaking Strategies for a Democratic Society by Linda Powers. Its a short textbook, but its an easy read, containing simple tools on communication we can all use. The book has been quite helpful for me in navigating how to talk about difficult topics and still remembering to treat the topic as well as the other participants with dignity.

3 Replies to “And now for a spot of stew…polistew”

  1. Thank you, Sylvie, for your kind words about my site and for really “getting” what I’m trying to do there. Thank you most of all, though, for your thoughtful contributions to the discussion through your guest columns and your comments.


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